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I have the immense privilege of being one of the partner riders chosen by Hermès to represent the alliance of the know-how of excellence of a prestigious saddler, with technological innovation at the service of performance at the highest level.
Hermès accompanies me for the development of my tailor-made saddles as well as for the equipment of my horses in competition as in training and stable.
It is a capital asset to benefit from the quality of Hermès products and to be able to count on the expertise of the teams of the Horse riding profession with which I actively collaborate for the development of the equipment of my horses, in a permanent concern of research of performance and comfort for my horses.


I am proud to be able to count on the support of the Normandy Region, as well as to be one of the 24 high-level Norman sportsmen selected in the “Team Normandy” to participate in the Norman sports dynamic.
It is important for me to get involved in the influence of my adopted region which I joined in 2016 and in which I wish to settle permanently. The Region actively contributes to the facilitation of my establishment in Normandy and brings me precious support for the success of my sports career at the highest level.

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Expert in equine nutrition, TopSpec supports me in feeding my horses for the stable as well as for the competition. An essential element for the health, comfort and performance of my horses, I am extremely attentive to the nutrition that I adapt to each of them.
My partnership with TopSpec is a real collaboration based on exchanges with TopSpec specialists who allow me to offer the best to my horses and to optimize their nutrition and balance.

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Premium hemp litter, it has a high absorbency and allows easy use for reduced consumption. It represents for my stables a significant saving of time and money.
It also meets the recommendations of veterinarians for horses experiencing respiratory problems, thanks to its dusted material. It brings optimal comfort to my horses in their box.

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Flex-on stirrups combine innovation, design, comfort and performance. Made of aluminum or composite material, they are light and very resistant and include a modular shock absorption system depending on the weight of the rider and the type of activity. Fully customizable in terms of style or technical characteristics, these stirrups bring me comfort, security, balance. I have absolute confidence in the quality of my stirrups which are also made in France.


A renowned Italian bootmaker, Sergio Grasso provides me with high-quality equipment that I use daily and during competitions: boots, boots and chaps. These products allow me to benefit from an irreproachable quality, combining elegance and comfort, with remarkable solidity and durability to meet permanent demands as well as sometimes difficult conditions related to the discipline of the event.


VANS BARBOT From the small body shop that was born in a discreet village in the Eure to the new site in Lisieux where it was established in 2002, the company Vans Barbot has traced its path and built its success by developing a range of products in the field of towed transport, whether for horses or any other modern sport and leisure activity. A benchmark in a rapidly developing economic sector, Vans Barbot meet a dual requirement, quality and innovation. Thank you Vans Barbot


OFYR : From the very beginning, we humans have been social creatures. Our ancestors sat around cooking fires telling stories. Today, there are endless ways of communicating: we walk around with everyday devices that allow us to write or talk to people anywhere in the world. But when do we feel truly connected to one other? Usually, these moments occur around food, drinks and fire.


DEAUVILLE TOWN HALL The Deauville town hall supports the development of the Astier Nicolas stable in the region and helps promote the eventing with the creation of a Spring Garden within the Pole International du Cheval.







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