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We finish the Grand National Grand  Indoor FFE - AC Print in the best way🔥

Our formidable Babylon takes the second step of the podium of the pro elite of Vittel after a faultless course on the CSO 🥈

Congratulations to my teammate Thomas Carlile with whom we won the Grand National team stage🏆

In the Pro 1, Baladin ranks 7th despite a lost iron during the course today🙌🏼

Ragnar continues to show us beautiful things and ranks 3rd in Pro 4💪🏼


Very good day at the office🏠

Babylon from Gamma goes back to 3rd place in the provisional ranking after a magnificent maxi cross in the pro elite of the Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print from Vittel 💥

For his part, our promising Baladin remains in 3rd place with him also a very nice cross in the Pro 1💪🏼


Very nice first day au  Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print  de Vittel 🙌🏼

My faithful Babylon takes 4th place in the provisional ranking thanks to a very nice recovery in 71.667% in the Pro Elite 🚀

Baladin confirms with a nice 3rd place in the Pro 1 after training with a recovery in 71.190% 🔥


Back to competition 💪🏼
This week, we are heading to the 
Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print from Vittel with:

🔥Ragnar in the Pro 4
🔥Diese Cot Chat in the Pro 3
🔥Baladin de L'Ocean in the Pro 1
🔥Babylon of Gamma in the Pro Elite

Start of the tests tomorrow, in the colors of the stable  
Thomas Carlile  - Ecurie Astier 🔜


Sleep in for the champions 😴


Throwback to two days of French Horse Society competition at the Lion d'Angers 🇫🇷

Gravure takes a nice 2nd place in the C.Cl. 5 years. With the delicate place of n ° 1 of the event, it rolls out a 71.5% recovery, a no fault at the CSO and a maxi cross 🔥

In Formation 3, Dirty Old Town was exemplary and achieved a super dressage and a double clear round which ranked him 4th.

On the side of formation 2, 4th place also for Galapiat de Perhet, with the best score in dressage. Farrell d'Egée is 10th in this same event with a great training course for this promising horse 💪🏼


Future looks bright with Follow Me Palija AA🔥
🔜The Lion D'Angers for young horse events


Training at home with my partner  Premier Equine International Ltd  🏠

Premier Equine allows me to work my horses safely on all three disciplines 🙌🏼


Lazy Sunday for Babylon ☀️


It is with pleasure that I was able to participate in the podcast  I am an Equestrian - Le Podcast🎙  

I returned to the highlights of my career at the microphone of Léa and Lorelei. We talked about the British eventing, but also about my debut, passing by Piaf and of course my future with Babylon 🐎

This episode is possible thanks to my long time partner 
GPA Safety Legend  🤝


Studious Sunday morning for Engraving, still en  Hermès🌤  


Today we were at the Lion d'Angers at the start of the Pro 3🇫🇷

Alertamalib'Or continues to show its class and its great form for its return and takes second place thanks to a 75% recovery, a faultless CSO and a super cross 🔥

Ballyshan achieves a very promising performance with a good progression on dressage, rated at 72%, a faultless CSO, a maxi cross and a 5th place 🚀


Work at home for Rio 💪🏼
➡️ Next step: Haras National du Pin


Young horses day au  Haras de Jardy - News🙌🏼

In the 5 years, Gravure de la Mouline wins the event after a good recovery in 73.152%, a beautiful clear round on the CSO and a maxi cross 🚀

In the CCE 2 formation, Farrell D'Egee AA is first and Galapiat de Perhet finishes in second place 🔥

In the CCE 3 training, Follow Me Palija AA wins the event after a good dressage in 73.479%, a faultless in CSO and a maxi cross 💪🏼


Gravure is very happy to discover my new partner  Alodis Care

  and I'm proud to join the Alodis Riders team 🙌🏼

Discover their range of 100% natural skincare products made in France on the website: 🇫🇷


What a pleasure to find the podiums with my faithful Babylon who always impresses us and finishes in 3rd place in the CCI4*-L after a magnificent clear round on the CSO 🥉

Baladin de l'Ocean LA makes a few small mistakes but showed us some very nice things for his first participation in this level of competition 💪🏼

Thank you to the whole team around me, my owners and my partners without whom nothing would be possible🙌🏼


What a day at   Saumur Complet  !😍

Babylon de Gamma achieves a magnificent performance and moves up six places in the provisional classification with a maxi cross. He takes 4th place in the CCI 4* before the CSO🔥

For his first participation in this level of competition, Baladin from Ocean LA showed great things with only two points of time exceeded on the cross🚀

On the CCI3* side, Alertamalib'Or ends the competition with a beautiful cross without fault at obstacles 🔝

Ballyshan Contender achieves a maxi cross and takes the 10th place of the provisional in the CCI2*💪🏼


Have a nice second day at _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Saumur Complete 💪🏼


Despite a few small faults Babylon achieves a good recovery in 68.49% in the CCI4*-L and ranks 10th in the provisional ranking 🚀

In the CCI2*-L, Ballyshan Contender comes out of his recovery in 71.83% and finishes 12th in the provisional ranking 🔥

See you tomorrow for the cross 🙌🏼


Have a nice first day of training at Saumur Complet 💪🏼

In the CCI3*-S and for its return to competition, Altermalib'Or takes 1st place in the provisional ranking with a very good recovery in 76.31%

Baladin from L'Ocean LA finishes 8th thanks to a 65.48% recovery in the CCI4*-L🙌🏼

See you tomorrow for the dressage of Babylon de Gamma at 1:25 p.m. and Ballyshan Contender at 3:55 p.m.⏰


Let's go to  Saumur Complet🇫🇷

On the program for this week of competition in Verrie:
📌Sharp Cot Chat and Ballyshan Contender in the CCI2*-L
📌Alertamalib'Or in the CCI3*-S
📌Babylon of Gamma and Baladin of the Ocean in the  CCI4*-L

Start of the competition on Thursday with dressage 🔜


Nothing better to end the weekend well than an evening around my partner's brazier   OFYR🔥

➡️   Find the whole range here:


End of the second day of competition at the Boulerie Jump - Pôle Européen du Cheval  with a nice 5th place for Ragnar at the end of the cross of the Pro 4 🔥 

In Pro 3, Dièse Cot Chat takes 12th place in the ranking 💪🏼

Beautiful things before Saumur 🔜


First day of competition au 

Boulerie Jump - European Horse Pole _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in preparation for Saumur 🔜  
Dièse Cot Chat achieves a great recovery and a faultless course that makes us take eighth place in the provisional ranking of the Pro 3 🔥 _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

On the Pro 4 side, after his dressage and a faultless performance, Ragnar ranks 12th in the provisional 💪🏼  

The rest tomorrow with the cross from 8 pm _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Last day au 

SCHP - Pompadour Horse Show Company🔚

  The competition ends with a fine 8th place for Baladin de l'Océan LA in the CCI4*-S. Baladin was exemplary, even if a slip made us lose precious seconds on the cross 🔥
As for the 
Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print , the objective of qualifying for Saumur has been achieved! 

Tom Carlile ,   Zazie Gardeau  and I will meet in the final under the colors of the Ecurie Carlile team - Astier stable 🇫🇷

A big thank you to the horse show company of Pompadour for this organization and the quality of its facilities 🙏🏼


A good start to the competition

Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print  de Pompadour🙌🏼

Babylon de Gamma will have made a very nice recovery at the opening of the Pro Elite, in preparation for Saumur in two weeks 🚀

In the CCI4*-S, Baladin de L'Ocean ranks 3rd after a very good recovery and a faultless CSO 🔥

A big thank you to Bernard Bosseaux for his precious advice on dressage 💪🏼

See you tomorrow for the cross of the CCI4*-S🔜


Head to the second stage of the

Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print  de Pompadour for the resumption of competitions 🙌🏼

📌 Babylon de Gamma will start the dressage of the Grand National with the Ecurie Carlile - Ecurie Astier team with my teammates  Thomas Carlile  et_cc781905-5cde-3b-3194-bb 136bad5cf58d_ Zazie Gardeau

📌Baladin from L'Ocean LA in CCI4*-S


Friday Feeling with Follow Me🏇🏼


Click to fly with Alertamalib'Or airlines🚀


On the cross with my faithful Babylon, I can count on my stirrups  Flex-on  to ensure stability and safety🔥

Studious morning for Babylon from Gamma👨🏻‍🎓

Have a nice week everyone ☀️

Canter and work on obstacles at  Ecurie Gabriel Leenders   during this particular time...

Thank you very much for this welcome and this great morning by your side 🙌🏼

Starting march with a day off😴

🔚 Well deserved rest for Babylon after the

Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print


Last day of competition in Saumur ✨

Babylon de Gamma finishes with a fine cross without fault over obstacles and an eighth place in the Pro Elite

A positive assessment for this first stage of the

Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print🔥


Thanks to my team

Zazie Gardeau

and congratulations to my teammate

Tom Carlile

for his victory💪🏼


Fourth day of competition

Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print⭐️


Babylon de Gamma takes 8th place in the provisional ranking of the Pro Elite after the jumping 💪🏼

Last test tomorrow ➡ cross in Verrie 🔥


End of this second day at

Grand National / Grand Indoor FFE - AC Print

from Saumur🎬

Ballyshan Contender takes 5th place in the Pro 3 after a nice maxi cross🚀

Ragnar finished 10th in the Pro 4, also performing well on the cross country

See you tomorrow for the rest of the tests and the start of the Pro Elite 🔥



Very happy to find the competition grounds for the first time of the year au 
@grandnationalffe  de Saumur 🚀

🐎 Baladin from L'ocean LA and Ballyshan Contender in the Pro 3


Today we were at the France pole for a dressage session with Jean-Pierre Blanco 🔥

The opportunity to make the final adjustments before the Grand National de Saumur for Babylon de Gamma and Baladin de l'Ocean 💪🏻

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